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Join us for a discussion around the new Shell Shock vulnerability, Windows 10 preview, iPhone 6, iOS8, Exchange CU6 release and more!

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Show notes:

  1. Shell Shock – 2:58 –
  2. BendGate – 10:30 –
  3. iPhone 6 and Apple Pay – 17:26 –
  4. Windows 10 – 22:03 –
  5. Microsoft Exchange 2013 CU6 Released! – 28:21 –
  6. Problems with Microsoft Exchange 2013 CU6 – 30:58 –
    2. KB:2997209 – Exchange Server 2013 databases unexpectedly fail over in a co-existence environment with Exchange Server 2007
    3. KB:2997847 – You cannot route ActiveSync traffic to Exchange 2007 mailboxes after you upgrade to Exchange 2013 CU6
  7. Registry Entry to Control MAPI over HTTP – 35:53 –
  8. Block AutoDiscover – 36:48 –
  9. Microsoft Round 2 of layoffs  – 40:37 –
  10. iOS 8 Issues – 45:21

005 Geeks With A Blog Podcast – TechEd Preview with Paul Robichaux. #MSExchange #iammec #podcast #tech

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Show notes:

TechEd sessions presented by Paul Robichaux – 2.10

Thoughts on premium clients released for non-Microsoft platforms – 5.50

Is Lync on-premise following in the footsteps of Exchange? – 10.00

How will Lync Online get around the lack of enterprise voice? – 14.34

Market opportunities and Regulatory concerns with Enterprise Voice – 17.18

The process and challenges of writing Exchange 2013 Inside Out: Clients, Connectivity, and UM – 19.38

Discussion of the Microsoft Exchange Preferred Architecture blog post – 30.56

Managed Availability Discussion – 43.54

What is the future of Exchange – 50.48

Paul’s upcoming sessions – 59.18

004 Geeks With A Blog Podcast – My Preferred Architecture. #MSExchange #iammec #podcast #tech

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Show notes:

Azure AD Sync Preview – 2.52

Exchange 2013 SP1 Arch Poster Download – 7:10

Windows 8.1 Million downloads in a week – 10:10

Nike kills sports band and focuses on software17:06–wearables–revolution-dies-before-it-begins-145640361.html

Cortana Animations – 24:22

Xbox Operations Center – 27:38

Surface 64 GB 28% off  – 30:06

The Surface 64 GB went from $499 to $329 with touch cover

As the world of Exchange turns – Exchange News

Microsoft Exchange Preferred Architecture – 36:28

003 Geeks With A Blog Podcast – I Think My Heart is Bleeding. #podcast #MSExchange #tech

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Show notes:

Heartbleed – 02:57

Amazon Acquires Comixology – 15:42

Office for iPad – 20:28

Google Glass Purchase – 25:28

Google buys Titan Aerospace – 33:54

MS SQL now a 5 billion dollar a year business – 38:36

As the the world of Exchange turns – Exchange News

Azure AD Sync Services – 41:06

Updating Exchange 2013 Anti-malware agent from a non-internet connected server – 41:57

MAPI over HTTP and .NET – 44:07

Managed Store Performance – 45:05

BUILD Update – 46:38

Windows Phone 8.1 – 47:15

Windows 8.1 Update – 58:37

Microsoft drops support Windows 8.1 Support – 1:06:28

Universal Apps – 1:12:20

Windows Phone 8.1 Coming Today to Developer Preview #WindowsPhone

Per this upcoming post from Microsoft, Windows 8.1 should be hitting the phones registered for developer preview TODAY, April 14th! Happy downloading.

Here is the link to how to sign up for a free developer preview account for those interested, but have not signed up yet.

Windows Phone 8.1 Security and MDM Part 1- Overview

Windows Phone 8.1 Security and MDM Part 1

Anyone who knows me can tell you how much I love all things mobile and how to secure and mange those devices. That is why I am excited to write that Microsoft has released information regarding Windows Phone 8.1 Security and Mobile Device Management.
Here is an excerpt from one of documents with an overview of the security improvements in Windows Phone 8.1. I have also included links to both white papers.
I will be posting subsequent updates on for additional highlights and details from these documents.


Windows Phone 8.1 Security Overview

Windows Phone 8.1 MDM Overview

Secured enrollment with MDM systems

Devices can be enrolled with your MDM system by using a simplified and more secure method than with Windows Phone 8. The MDM system and the organization can customize the new enrollment process and use the web authentication broker (WAB) to better secure user credentials.

Security policy management

Windows Phone 8.1 includes several new security policies that you can managed through your MDM system.

Windows Phone 8.1 supports the ability to install apps on a secure digital (SD) card. The apps are stored on a hidden partition on the SD card that is specifically designated for this purpose. This partition is encrypted just like the internal storage and is enabled when the device encryption policy is provisioned to the device through EAS or an MDM. There is no need to explicitly set a policy to get this level of protection.

Lock down the phone to a specified set of applications and settings (Assigned Access)
The Assigned Access feature works like the same feature in Windows 8.1, allowing you to define a list of authorized and blocked apps for your devices

Support for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) signing and encryption

Users can now sign and encrypt email messages by using S/MIME signing and encryption support. You can manage the certificate used for S/MIME signing and encryption through your MDM system.

Support for enterprise Wi-Fi connectivity

In addition to the Wi-Fi connections in previous versions, Windows Phone 8.1 supports Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)-Transport Layer Security (TLS) and EAP-Tunneled Transport Layer Security (TTLS) wireless, certificate-based authentication. This is a stronger authentication than using preshared keys (PSKs) or other Wi-Fi authentication methods.
Windows Phone 8.1 supports the use of virtual smart cards to provide 2FA, which provides stronger authentication than single-factor options like user names and passwords.

Support for new virtual private network (VPN) tunnel types

In addition to support for the VPN connections in Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1 introduces support for Internet Key Exchange Protocol version 2 (IKEv2), IP security (IPsec), and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN connections (the SSL VPN connections require a downloadable plug-in from the VPN server vendor).

Automatically initiate VPN connections (auto-triggered VPN)

You can configure Windows Phone to automatically initiate VPN connections when a specific app runs or when a specific domain name is referenced.

Remote Assistance

The Remote Assistance feature is designed to help resolve issues that users might encounter even when support personnel don’t have physical access to the device. This feature includes the ability to remotely lock a device, remotely ring the device, and remotely reset the user password (PIN).

Remote business data removal

Any organizational information and data can be removed from a device either by IT pros using an MDM system or by the user. Any personal data stored on the device is retained, such as music, photos, and personal email messages. All apps and data that the organization deployed are removed.

Microsoft releases Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for the IPad

In a bold move, Microsoft new CEO Satya Nadella has announced the release of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the IPad for free!  The catch, it is read-only unless you have a 365 account. Still this is a bold new step forward with Microsoft’s new mantra, Mobile First, Cloud First. We should have a detailed review of Office for IPad posted after the Microsoft Exchange Conference.