Windows Phone 8.1 Security and MDM Part 5 – VPN Identity and Access

Windows Phone 8.1 Security and MDM Part 5
Anyone who knows me can tell you how much I all things mobile and how to secure and mange those deices. That is why I am excited to write that Microsoft has released information regarding Windows Phone 8.1 Security and Mobile Device Management. Here is some additional informational excerpts from the white papers on VPN Identity and Access.

Windows Phone 8.1 Security Overview
Windows Phone 8.1 MDM Overview

VPN Identity and Access

Many organizations use VPNs to provide access for remote users. Windows Phone includes built-in support for a number of VPN providers in addition to Microsoft, including Check Point, F5, Juniper, and SonicWall.
Windows Phone includes support for IKEv2, IPsec, and SSL VPN connections, but the SSL VPN connections require a downloadable plug-in from the VPN server vendor. Windows Phone also includes auto-triggered VPN support (similar to the auto-triggered VPN support [see] in Windows 8.1), and unique VPN connections can be defined on a per-app basis. When the user switches between apps, Windows Phone automatically establishes the VPN connection for that app.

Your MDM system can deploy (push) VPN connection profiles to users, which helps ensure that VPN connections have the appropriate security settings.

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