Windows Phone 8.1 Security and MDM Part 6 – Email Message and Account Management

Windows Phone 8.1 Security and MDM Part 6
Anyone who knows me can tell you how much I all things mobile and how to secure and mange those deices. That is why I am excited to write that Microsoft has released information regarding Windows Phone 8.1 Security and Mobile Device Management. Here is some additional informational excerpts from the white papers on Email Message and Account Management.

Windows Phone 8.1 Security Overview
Windows Phone 8.1 MDM Overview

Email Account Management

Probably one of the most important services for users is email. Today, most users are unable to perform their normal job functions without email, and mobile users are no exception. In fact, they are even more dependent on email to maintain communication while on the move.
Windows Phone allows your MDM system to manage user email accounts. You can push specific email accounts to devices as well as prevent users from adding personal email accounts, which helps ensure that organization-owned devices are used for their intended purpose and also prevents users from getting malware from unprotected email accounts.

Email Message Management

You can use your MDM system to manage the email accounts and connectivity to your mail system, but what about the management of the email messages themselves? You can use EAS services that Microsoft Exchange Server provides in conjunction with your MDM system to manage email messages. Table 2 lists the policies that MDM and EAS support as well as and the policies that only EAS supports.

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